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The Celestine Collection

Dress your spirit


About Celestine...

Celestine Wilson is a Brooklyn based artist and designer specializing in creating handmade beaded masterpieces of Jewelry from all over the world to Adorn Your Spirit. From sacred stones to hand painted cowry shells to select glass mediums. All of her pieces personify wearable art from the classic to bold to regal. She takes pride in developing something out of nothing. Her transformative imagination speaks volume to many. Over the past several years her collections have been housed in Tribal Truths Collection, The Omhh store and Michelle New York, Bridal. Celestine’s flair for fashion has made her an inspiration to her peers, an innovative trendsetter and her forward thinking designs are beyond her time.


"I started out making jewelry as a hobby which then became a need.Jewelry has been my passion for many years and I started designing jewelry for friends and family. Gradually, over the years, my clients appreciated a specialty item that made them feel good about themselves. I began selling in churches, local markets and shows. Later on, I attracted beauty salons and specialty boutiques. I have been featured in Braids & Beauty, Essence Magazine and Butterwick patterns. Stores like, The OMhh Store, Tribal Truths Collection, Tendrils Hair Salon, Michelle New York, Bridal and Simply Greta still carry the collection. Today, I am featured on many social medias under The Celestine Collection. Why not be a part of this unique collection and experience the conversations they'll bring."